Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Special Thanks, Kudos, and Praise!

Special Thanks, Kudos, and Praise!

Based on all the early indications and surveys, this year’s Other Words Conference was a thoroughgoing success. Thanks to all of you for attending! You gave memorable, inspiring readings. Your panels brought fresh ideas and insights. You made us glad to be there and to be part of such a strong, creative independent literary community.

Special thanks are due to Jim Wilson, Tamara Wilson, and the great group of Flagler College students, who were generous and gracious hosts. They made us feel welcome and at ease. The time and attention they devoted to pre-conference planning and arrangements, as well as the nonstop work they did during the time we were on campus kept everything running smoothly. Rick Campbell also earns our thanks for putting together an outstanding schedule. His “Renga” Reading concept opened up the Friday night festival event to fresh new expressions of “Other Words.” The creative writing workshop faculty—Mark Powell, Ira Sukruangruang, and Terri Witek—reminded us of the imagination and craftsmanship at the heart of our work. This year’s workshops had record enrollments, and continue as sources for conversation and influence afterwards.

In short, let’s share a final round of applause and compliments for all concerned—and extend sincere appreciation to Flagler College for the use of their wonderful campus in the heart of the nation’s oldest city.

Over the next few weeks, we hope to post some notes and comments from students—and from any of you who would like to share your thoughts on Other Words 2011.

With thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to all on behalf of all the FLAC Board Members . . .


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