Friday, July 29, 2011

"Marketing Your Work by Marketing Yourself"

Planned Conference Workshop: "Marketing Your Work by Marketing Yourself"
by M. Scott Douglass of the Main Street Rag Publishing Company

There is little doubt about the correlation between how well and author reads his or her work in front of an audience and whether the audience buys that work afterward. In this workshop, participants will have an opportunity to discuss and identify strengths and weaknesses within their own approach to public reading as well as techniques and suggestions that may enhance whatever skill level they already have. Participants should come prepared to read something.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Peter Trachtenberg will be on the Florida Writer's Circuit this fall. He is the author of The Book of Calamities: Five Questions About Suffering and Its Meaning (Little, Brown 2008), a book that combines reportage, memoir, and moral philosophy to explore suffering and its narratives, which won the 2009 Phi Beta Kappa Ralph Waldo Emerson Award for works that contribute significantly to interpretations of the intellectual and cultural condition of humanity. In 1997, his debut book, Seven Tattoos: A Memoir in the Flesh (Crown) was published. Of this book, the Montreal Gazette wrote, “Seven Tattoos is like a Lou Reed record: off-key and on the mark at the same time….A reminder that the memoir, when it’s revealing and reflective, can go where the best literature has always sought to go—straight to the human heart.”

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Planned Conference Panel

"Collaboration: A Dialogue" with Michael Kemp, Lawrence Hetrick, Sean Sexton, and Patricia Waters. This collaboration takes place between four artists/writers who work and travel readily between the literary, visual and tactile arts in their daily work. This is an ongoing series which began at the Other Words Conference in 2009. The panel will include discussion, visual resources and exposition of book projects that have evolved from the four artists association with one another over the years.

Some of the presses coming to the Other Words Conference (and their readers)

Anhinga Press (Gerry LaFamina and others)
Autumn House Press (Philip Terman, Connie Hales, Rick Campbell)
All Nations Press (Tom Williams, Bob Kunzinger, Jillian Weise)
University of Tampa Press (TBA)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Proposal Deadline Extended

The deadline for Other Words Conference proposals for panels is now August 1st. Please contact or with panel proposals.

Michael Hettich, winner of Swan Scythe Press Contest

Congratulations FLAC Member Michael Hettich:
SACRAMENTO, CA, JULY 10, 2011 –- Swan Scythe Press, one of the U.S.’s most respected poetry publishers, today announced the winner of the 2011 Swan Scythe Press Poetry Chapbook Contest. The winning manuscript is The Measured Breathing by Michael Hettich of Miami Shores, Florida.
Mr. Hettich’s manuscript will be published by Swan Scythe Press in Fall 2011, and he will receive a $200 award for his work. According to Swan Scythe Press’s editor, James DenBoer, his choice of the contest winner was based on “Michael Hettich’s distinct voice; his work stood out immediately from the large number of competent and interesting poets who entered our contest. I was particularly impressed by his ability to write a book of lyric poems without using the word “I” and by his startling images of transformation and transcendence.”
Michael Hettich's poetry has appeared in Alaska Quarterly Review, Cake, Hamilton Stone Review, International Literary Quarterly, Poetry East, and many other literary journals. His most recently-published book of poems is Like Happiness, from Anhinga Press; a new book, The Animals Beyond Us, is forth-coming from New Rivers Press. Born in Brooklyn, NY, he now teaches at Miami Dade College.
Swan Scythe Press was founded in 2000 by poet Sandra McPherson, and is now edited by James DenBoer, also a poet. The Measured Breathing was chosen as the contest winner from among 165 entries, from 34 U.S. states and 4 foreign countries. Mr. DenBoer made the final selection of the winner, with the help of a small group of outside readers. Mr Hettich’s book will be the 32nd book of poetry published by Swan Scythe Press. Its authors have won many awards and prizes, and have distinguished themselves as artists and educators throughout the U.S. and abroad.
For more information on Swan Scythe Press itself, please see the Press’s website at, email the editor directly at, or write to the press at 515 P Street, #804, Sacramento CA 95814.